Anne Heche insisted ex Ellen Degeneres "nothing can ever satisfy" in a recent interview

Brief comments on the situation with her relationship with Heche, whom she dated from 1997 to 2000, were made by the previous host of a daytime television show.

DeGeneres answered, "We're not in contact with one another, so I wouldn't be aware," when inquired as to whether she had addressed Heche since her fender bender.

Nevertheless, DeGeneres expressed on camera, "I don't maintain that anybody should be harmed," while affirming her craving to communicate her all the best.

The cameraman commented, "Wasn't that a really perilous mishap that occurred?

"DeGeneres answered, "Sure was," and afterward moved in the direction of her vehicle.

Since Heche was taken to the clinic on Friday with copies, the comic has never openly examined the auto collision.

Heche had struck a two-story house with her blue Mini Cooper at that point, lighting a fire that took almost 60 firemen to stifle.

"She is in a state of extreme lethargy and has not recaptured cognizance since not long after the mishap," the delegate expressed.

Anne Heche is "not supposed to live"