Cloud computing architecture ?

Cloud Computing , which is one of the demanding technology of the current time and which is giving a new shape to every organization by providing on demand virtualized services/resources. 

Starting from small to medium and medium to large, every organization use cloud computing services for storing information and accessing it from anywhere and any time only with the help of internet. In this article, we will know more about the internal architecture of cloud computing 

Transparency, scalability, security and intelligent monitoring are some of the most important constraints which every cloud infrastructure should experience 

Current research on other important constraints is helping cloud computing system to come up with new features and strategies with a great capability of providing more advanced cloud solutions. 

1. Frontend : Frontend of the cloud architecture refers to the client side of cloud computing system. 

2. Backend :  Backend refers to the cloud itself which is used by the service provider. 

1. Application – Application in backend refers to a software or platform to which client accesses. Means it provides the service in backend as per the client requirement.

1. Service – Service in backend refers to the major three types of cloud based services like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Also manages which type of service the user accesses.

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