Heartbreaking Death Of Fox News Anchor Uma Pemmaraju

Pemmaraju was brought into the world in India.Later her family moved to Texas where she learned at Trinity University

She was regarded and cherished by all the memebers of Fox news and her collegues.

Pemmaraju's passing was declared by Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott

Its an exceptionally profound second for every one of the individuals from the fox news family since Uma was the woman who has seen the channel growing up.

The CEO said,"Uma was a staggeringly capable columnist as well as a warm and wonderful individual, most popular for her consideration to everybody she worked with."

In 1996, Uma joined Fox News when it sent off on October 7.

She was the main Indian-American anchors who was adored by both the watchers and the collegues.

She recieved the Emmy grant for a story covering a salvage of a suffocated kid

The news has disheartened the watchers as well as the individuals at Fox Newschannel