Lauren Boebert’s Neighbors Were In A Panic Over Her Rage-Filled Husband’s Desire To Fight: ‘It’s The Boeberts… They All Have Guns’

Lauren Boebert can’t stop stirring the pot on social media, so it’s no surprise that she and her family keep the chaos going at home. 

Last week, we heard about how Boebert’s husband, Jayson (who has previously tangled with the law in an obscene way while Boebert blamed the woman on the receiving end of his display) went on a temper tantrum in their neighborhood. 

Initially, we heard vague details about the incident, which was to be expected as the dust settled. 

Denver Post reported that Jayson had grown irate about complaints that his son was one of multiple kids racing a dune buggy at dangerous speeds. 

He reportedly got in people’s faces, wanting to fight, and then the 911 call surfaced 

Details of the transcript indicated that Jayson was “probably drunk” and was roundly considered a “jackass” and “dumb as a post” while also speeding through the neighborhood on a rampage 

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