Mötley Crüe Drummer Tommy Lee Lives In a Japanese-Style Home with Waterfalls and a Koi Pond

With his wild past way of life back into the spotlight thanks to the Hulu miniseries Pam and Tommy — which takes a top to bottom gander at the drummer's broadly plugged union with Pamela Anderson

we idea fans would like a report on what Tommy Lee has been doing lately, and how he lives these days.

In 2021, the Mötley Crüe drummer changed his location and exchanged the big name stuffed city of Calabasas for Brentwood, one of L.A.' coolest areas.

The demigod purchased a Zen-propelled property that is spread on a twofold parcel to clear a path for its cascades, mystical pathways, rich trees, and Koi lakes.

Tommy Lee's new house remains as a distinct difference to the wild party house (with a disco in the cellar) that the rocker once claimed in Malibu, when he gave fans the visit on MTV Cribs.

Lee paid $4.15 million for the 4-room Japanese-roused house, which he imparts to his fourth spouse, web-based entertainment star Brittany Furlan.

Inside, there's an open floorplan with Zen-enlivened insides encompassed by wraparound glass.

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