John Eastman Died: Paul McCartney offers recognition

John Eastman left this world at 83 years old.

John Eastman's Cause of Death was pancreatic disease.

Paul McCartney is the previous brother by marriage of John Eastman. He honors john.

On thursday, Paul McCartney composed a heartful and close to home message via virtual entertainment.

In which he expressed "My dear brother by marriage, John Eastman, has died. Having known one another for more than 50 years it is an incredibly miserable time for me, and our families"

He shared a yoga picture in which he doing yoga with his brother by marriage John Eastman.

Paul was the sibling of john's late spouse Linda Eastman. she passed on in 1998 because of disease.

He further added "John was an incredible man. One of the most pleasant and savviest individuals I have had the best of luck to have known in my life".